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A Micro controller based machine control system :

Full fledged sealed membrane alpha numeric keyboard for data entry

16 x 2 Lines LCD Graphics display with backlit for displaying Load and Elongation of crosshead with bigger font size

Load indicated with resolution of 0.01% of machine capacity for entire range

Elongation is measured with resolution of 0.01 mm.

Controller for load rate and strains rate control

Auto detection of overload and over travel and specimen break. On detection of any condition

hydraulic system is automatically turned off

Tare load and Reset Elongation facility Peak Load and Elongation at Peak, Load at break

Elongation at break, UTS, %Elongation, %reduction in area ,Yield load etc. results for offline test

RS232C interface for computer connectivity

Built in centronics parallel port / Serial Port for printer interface


Universal Testing Machines have a wide range of applications and number of materials, metals in different form and shapes can be tested for variety of tests like Tension, Compression, Transverse, Bend, Shear, Brinell Hardness etc.Special attachments are also available for testing of Flat Belts, Chain Links, Wire Ropes etc.

Loading Frame :

The base has a hydraulic cylinder at its center and two main screws at both ends. The middle cross head is mounted on screws through main nuts. The middle cross head can be moved up or down through chain transmission and geared motor to adjust the initial tensile/compression clearance. Inside base of machine, hydraulic cylinder is sested in which piston is placed on the piston, rests an assembly of upper, lower cross head and two columns.The individually lapped cylinder piston assembly ensures smooth axial force with minimum friction.

Control panel :

Hydraulic circuit it consists of hydraulic power pack which has a directly driven radial plunger pump which gives continuous non pulsating flow of oil pressure up to 250bar a pressure compensated needle type flow control valve is obtained with help of valves. Optionally this can be controlled form electronic system.

Loading Rate / Straining Rate Control :

This is superfine controlling system which controls loading rate / straining rate as per commands from electronic machine control system. FINE UTM Software can send loading rate / straining rate to electronic system for fully automatic testing.

Accuracy & Calibration :

Every machine is calibrated in accordance with procedure laid down in BS-1610-1964 IS 1828-1991. ‘FMI’ Computerised Universal Testing Machines comply with gradeAof BS 1610-1964 and Grade 1.0 of IS 1828-1991. An accuracy of ± 1% guaranteed from 2% to 100% of capacity of the machine. In the computerised UTM, the computer is an integral part of the entire system and not just on ADD ON feature. This puts a lot of power and versatility into the hands of the operator and makes the system much more self contained than usual, as it includes many functions usually only available as additional (often expensive) optional features.