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Unit Test, Malaysia


Main features Include:

Up to 64 in put analogue/32 digital channel

Automatic data collection

Automatic test start and stop conditions

User programmable time intervals for data collection

Battery backed data storage and real time clock

Built-in transducer excitation supply

Supplied with WinHOST WindowsTM base software

Up to 64 tests can be run fully independently

Fast logging (10 reading/second) capacity for Marshall Test

On board large graphics display and keypad

Menu driven command selection

Non-volatile storage of channel calibration data

On screen live displays of graph and data tabulation

Triaxial Test Frame

Unit Test Triaxial Test Machine are designed to perform the Triaxial Test, unconfined and CBR of soil specimens in the laboratory. The machine comprised a 2 column rigit frame fixed with integrated fully variable microprocessor controlled drive unit and digital display for speed indication from 0.00001 to 9.99999/minute. The machine is bench mounted type for ease to installation and operation and also build-in with rapid approach for return and fast setting of the platen. This machine is available in 10kN, 50kN and 100kN capacity

Triaxial Cell and Accessories

Triaxial Cell 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm

The Triaxial Cell is precision made and treated to minimize corrosion. The cell walls are manufactured from high resistant clear acrylic material and maximum cell pressure up to 1700kPa. Each cell has 4 inlet /outlet valves.

Air / Water Pressure System

The Pressure Panel is designed to supplied regulated pressure and water to the Triaxial Cell via the air / water cylinder. A 250mm diameter standard test gauge. 1200KPa capacity with precision regulator valve to regulate every pressure setting on every outlet valve.

Automatic Volume Change

The Automatic Volume Change (100ml capacity) are used to Triaxial cell for continuous measurement of volume change during the test. The unit supplied with change over valve, and Displacement Transducer with Accuracy better than 0.1ml or dial gauge 25mm x 0.01mm (manual read).

MPX-3000 Data Logger System

The MPX 3000 are the latest range of Data Logger from U.K which we present the leading of latest electronic design and innovation. Ideally suited for soil machines laboratories. It is simple to use and flexible in operation. MPX 3000 make improvement in laboratory productivity and cost effectiveness with automatic data collection while the lab technician can perform other duties whilst the test is being conducted. MPX 3000 data logger is supplied as a fully configurable system, which can be upgrade by adding channel modules. Up to 32 internal analogue channel, in blocks of 8 channels are available with the instrument and further 32 channels can be added externally by daisy chaining junction boxes each with 4 analogue or digital channels.