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BS 598, ASTM D1559, AASHTO T 245

The Marshall Compression Test Machine to performe a defined speed on a standard specimen, measuring the maximum load and maximum flow deformation. The machine are designed at a constant speed of 50.8mm |2″) per minute, through a gear motor and fitted with safety device unit switch to prevent over travel of maximum and minimum cylinder stroke.

The machine also can be fitted with optional digital 7′ type 25kN load cell and displacement tranducer via digital display scanner unit. The purpose of these is to replace the conventional dial guage type which are difficultly to red accurately synchronsing the flow measurement with that maximum peak load reading.


Max. platen travel: 75mm

Platen speed: 50.8mm/min

Capacity: 50kN

Power: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1 ph

Approx. weight: 80kg

Approx. dimension: 600 x 385 x 1045mm

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