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Test Mak, Turkey

Concrete Pipe Testing Machine

EN 1916 | ASTM C301, C497 | BS 5911 | DIN 4035

The Testmak Concrete Pipe Testing Machines are is used for compressive strength tests of concrete and steel pipes whose outside diameters are from 100 mm to 1200 mm. Concrete pipe test machines are manufacturer of capacity of between 400 kN to 1000 kN.

The Concrete pipe testing machines are consisting of a frame and a hydraulic power pack. The frames are rigid 2 column constructions with superior axial and lateral stiffness and are precision aligned. 

Pipe Testing Machine frames have to be anchored to concrete base. All required parts to anchor the frame to the concrete base is supplied. The frames without carriying chassis is supplied with V shaped bottom bearers which can be anchored to concrete base.

The rectangular shaped top bearer is detachable from the actuator and the bottom bearer is V-shaped with an angle of 150°. During pipe loading the system permits top bearer to rotate 360 degres at horizontal plane and allows it to move at vertical plane of a minimum value of ±8°. As an option 3- and 4-point bending accessories are available. Upper crosshead height adjustment is done with electric motor drive for easy and precise test set up and manual through locking pins are used to fix the upper crosshead.

LCD Graphics Data Acquisition and Controls System 

TMC-304 is designed to control the machine and processing data from load cells or pressure transducers installed on the compression machine frame. Easy to read LCD graphics display and button data keypads make the unit quick and straight forward to operate. All interactions with the measuring system are via the front control panel by using simple menu-driven procedures. The TMC-304 digital allows real time load us time graph. At the end of the test cycle, the results can be stored in the large memory or downloaded to a PC in TMC-304 software format. 

The TMC-304 control console includes a multi-valve hydraulic pump, a safety valve, a pressure relief valve and an oil regulator, which ensures maximum safety and smooth linear loading. The machine can be supplied with standard automatic power pack, dual stage, controlled by TMC-304.

Digital Controller Readout Unit

• 240*120 pixel blue-white graphic LCD display

• High resolution 65.000 points

• Backlight function

• Capability of contrast calibration by light

• 18 key touch membrane keyboard 

• CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture

• Two analogical and two digital channels, use for load cell or pressure transducer etc.

• Full automatic testing capacity

• Can make manual tests if requested

• A sample type and dimension can be entered with respect to the standards

• Load-Time, Tensile-Time, Test Results and 

Sample reports observable and printable

• One RS232 serial port and USB for connecting either PC or printer for data transmission

• Comes with Connection cable and software.

• Large permanent memory up to 256 test results

• Easy to operate with 6 main function keys

• Language select, English – Turkish

• Can control two frames

The test frame is delivered in disassembled form and mounted in place in accordance with the instructions. It is possible to add various functions at the request of the customer, as well as purchase only the control system, if the customer already has a test frame.