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Test Mak, Turkey

Centrifuge Binder Extractor 3000 g, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

ASTM D2172 A | AASHTO T164-A | EN 12697-1 Clause B.1.5

The Centrifuge binder extractors are used for the determination of the bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures. All

models comprise a removable precision-machined rotor bowl housed in a cylindrical aluminum box. The bowl is driven

by an electric motor fi t with an AC drive (inverter) with the double function of speed control up to 3600 rpm regardless of

the frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and electrical breaking. The centrifuge extractor can be set for the automatic speed ramp

up to 3600 rpm and will stop in 10 seconds. The cover is precisely machined and fi tted with a solvent resistant gasket to

avoid leakages. All models are fi t, for emergency use, by a hand brake system. The control panel includes: Start/Stop

button, speed control knob, and digital display.

The Centrifuge Extractor is supplied with;

• Bowl and Cover,

• Filter Paper – 100 pcs.