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Unit Test, Malaysia


BS 1377, ASTM D1883

S 1           BS, CBR Mould body 152mm diameter x 127mm (H) Wing Nuts Type, with  extension collar 152mm diameter x 51 mm (H) and Solid base plate.

S 2           BS, CBR Perforated base plate, wing nut type

S 3           BS, CBR Mould body, 152mm diameter x 127mm (HJ, Screwed Type, fixed with collar and solid base plate.

S 4           BS, CBR Perforated base plate, screwed type.

S 5           BS, CBR Cutting collar

S 6           C-Spanner to fit CBR mould

S 7           Base tool to fit CBR base plate

S 8           Compaction plug, 150mm diameter x 51 mm (H) with T Handle.

S 9           BS, Compaction Rammer 2.5kg weight

S 10         BS. Heavy Duty Compaction Rammer 4.5kg weight

S 11         BS. Standard Compaction Mould, 1-litre capacity with extension collar and base plate.

S 12         BS Heavy duty modify Compaction mould, with extension collar and base plate.

S 13         Surcharge weight 2kg Annular Type

S 14         Surcharge weight 2kg Ring Type S 15 Surcharge weight 2kg Split Type

S 16         Swell plate with adjustable stem

S 17         Swell Tripod to fixed dial gauge with in position on CBR mould

S 18         Dial gauge, 57mm diameter, 20mm Travel x 0.01 mm resolution

S 19         Dial gauge, 57mm diameter, 25mm Travel x 0.01 mm resolution

S 20         Hand Operated extruder for 4″ and 6″ CBR mould with 5 ton hydraulic jack.

S 20-01   Filter disc 15cm diameter, pack of 100pcs

S 20-02   CBR soaking tank for 12 sets soak CBR moulds

S 20-03   Straight edge 300mm lenght

S 20-04   Straight edge with both handle