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Delta ITS Equipment Supplies LLC is trusted provider of high quality solutions and services to Testing & Measuring industries. We provide one stope customized solutions for Civil Material Testing, Industrial Material Testing and Environmental Monitoring industries.
Founded in 2012 and currently we are actively present it MENA and East Africa. We serve the MENA region from our UAE office and East Africa from our Nigeria office.


Delta ITS is dedicated to building long-term relationships and customer satisfaction through quality products, training and support. The company’s goal is to create an environment to develop and grow for our self and for all those with whom we work.

Core Values

We provide complete customer satisfaction through a clear and transparent communication and sharing the ideas by internal and external dialogues. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and we give high importance to their voice. We believe in team work and we work across boundaries with our customer and our technology partners to provide the best suitable solutions for the industry.

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